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Reshaping the Future of Condo Community

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Our Focus Areas 

For Condo Corporation 

  1. Boosting condo corporation revenue

  2.  Increasing revenue: Condo Sustainability 
  3. Tailored Exclusive Offers

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Boosting Condo Corp. Revenue 

We bring additional income to condominium corporations by leveraging our partnerships with businesses to advertise to a fitting condo community. We take charge of implementing effective advertising campaigns across multiple channels, including newsletters, elevator screens, lobby booths, and online platforms.

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Increasing Revenue: Condo Sustainability

Learn how increasing income can lower maintenance fees and reduce having to pull from your reserve fund. Our innovative strategies enhance financial sustainability while ensuring affordability for all residents

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Tailored Exclusive Offers

Tailored Exclusive Offers cater to our condo community's unique needs, including discounts from local businesses, exclusive event access, customized deals, loyalty programs, and partnerships. We aim to boost resident satisfaction and foster community value.

Customer Review

"Advertising locally through placement on their tenant app and email platform proved highly effective for reaching our local audience with our offer."


CURES Beauté

"Our discount rate attracts a high volume of traffic, resulting in immediate sign-ups on the spot. Definitely will do it again"


Altea Active

“We had a ton of questions, excitement, and interaction on the day of the pop-up”


Soul Snacks

What We Provide 


Targeted Audience Access

Gain exposure to a highly engaged audience within condo communities, reaching residents who are actively seeking products and services.


Brand Visibility Enhancement

Elevate your brand presence by showcasing your offerings directly to residents where they live, fostering brand recognition and trust.


Marketing Channel Diversity

Utilize a variety of advertising channels such as newsletters, elevator screens, online platforms, and community events to effectively reach condo residents through multiple touchpoints.


Tailored Advertising Solutions

Customize your advertising approach to align with the unique needs and preferences of condo residents, ensuring that your message resonates with the community.


Mutual Growth Opportunities

Collaborate with us to not only promote your business but also contribute to the enhancement of the condo community, fostering positive relationships and long-term growth for all parties involved.

Reach Condo Communities: Partner With Us.

Connect with engaged residents and boost your business visibility by partnering with us. Gain access to a targeted audience and elevate your brand presence within condo communities today!

Latest Projects

reserve study


Booth for pet treats in loobies 

reserve fund


Free internet in common areas  and advertising booth for special internet price 



Goodie Pack given to new residents. 

condo corp.


$15K to 20K extra income to condo corporation. 

Partner With Us.

At Notré Haven Home, we specialize in creating additional revenue streams for condominiums and apartment buildings. Our approach is designed to be straightforward and seamless, allowing you to generate extra income without added stress or complications. We leverage our extensive network of advertisers to promote products and services directly to your residents. This includes opportunities for advertisements in common areas such as lobbies, elevators, newsletters, and online platforms.

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